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Hints of order online
For some products, there are difference prices for different options, please read carefully and make sure you understand well. Then follow 3 steps:
1. Fill in product, price, quantity and option manually, also write down what you want to tell us or special requirement.
2. Add to cart and Add shipping fee. Add combined shipping fee if order more than one.
3. Review the list and check out.

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Notes important
Note 1: Phone number and post code is must be in your paypal shipping address. Brazilian must provide your tax ID.
Note 2: When total value exceeds 500USD, we declare 500USD when shipping, avoiding many issues. Contact us if you have other require on this.
Note 3: No battery will be included because of international shipping service forbiden, samples will work by external power source, DC or USB power supply.
if you order in batch quantity including batteries, contact us for extra support. also gps antenna is magnatic and need special shipping service.